Doping is the deliberate or inadvertent use by an Athlete of a substance or method banned by WADA and UIPM.

Doping is prohibited:

  • because it considers a danger to the health of the Athlete;
  • because it undermines the joy of sport and the pursuit of human and sporting excellence;
  • in order to protect Athletes from other Athletes taking unfair advantage and from the possibly harmful side effects of drugs.

UIPM’s Anti-Doping progamme seeks to preserve the spirit of Modern Pentathlon, maintain ethics, fair play and honesty and the health of the Athletes.

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Dangers of Doping – Get the Facts

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Doping traps and Dietary Supplements

Most recreational drugs (hashish, cocaine, ecstasy, etc.) will result in a positive finding. Marijuana is prohibited in-competition only, but be aware that it might be detected even after a month or more. Several common medicines used to treat aches and pains, colds and flu, etc. contain prohibited substances. Pseudoephedrine, which has been included on the List, is a substance in many of those medicines.

Vitamins, herbal products and Dietary Supplements might contain Prohibited Substances. Supplements may intentionally contain Prohibited Substances or they may be inadvertently contaminated with Prohibited Substances. Here some tips, if you notwithstanding decide to take Supplements:

  1. Think very carefully about the need for a Supplement before taking any;
  2. Find out exactly what the Supplement is meant to do and who manufactures it;
  3. Ask the manufacturer for a written declaration that the product contains only what is stated on the label and check carefully where they source their ingredients and how/where the product is packed;
  4. Get them analyzed in a laboratory;
  5. Try and get what your body needs from food. Consult a specialist in order to get the best outcome, which fits your person and different stages in training and competition. 

Be aware: You will be held liable for what is found in your body!