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UIPM – Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne

Stade Louis II, Entree E
13 av. des Castelans
98000 Monte Carlo
Tel: +377 9777 8555
Fax: +377 9777 8550

UIPM Headquarters

The Headquarters office for the UIPM is located in the Principality of Monaco. The office has been in Monaco since 1998 following the decision to have two individual sports from UIPMB – Modern Pentathlon and Biathlon (IBU)

Prior to this the office was located in Denmark and Sweden. The Headquarters are managed by Secretary General, Mrs Shiny Fang.

Karen Myers


Karen Myers

Event Director

Karen is in charge of all UIPM competitions related aspects (technical, logistical, protocol). She coordinates the UIPM Competition Calendar, appoints Delegates & Officials and is the Liaison between the UIPM Family, the various IFs and NOCs and Organising Committees. Karen plans, designs and implements the Bidding Procedure for all UIPM events, operates UIPM Medical and Anti-Doping policy as well as collates the UIPM technical publications such as the Handbook, Rulebook, Organisational Manuals, etc.

James Hamill-Reeves


James Hamill-Reeves

Communications & Marketing Manager

James oversees all media, marketing and TV activities for UIPM and has a broad reaching role. He is responsible for, amongst others things, maintaining and updating the website as chief editor, managing media relations and implementing future marketing and sponsorship strategies. As one of the first point of contact for Federations, he provides advice and support to the Union’s various stakeholders.

 Luca Baracchi


Luca Baracchi

Development & Project Manager

Luca is responsible for the coordination and integration of all UIPM development programs such as the World School Biathlon, Triathle and Tetrathlon. He leads on the creation of best practice manuals used by actual and new NFs, Confederations and Local Organisers. He also manages business development in accordance to specific funding programs and creates different sponsorship plans with the UIPM Communication Manager, to ensure more media exposure for sponsors and external stakeholders, and aims to achieve higher standards of hospitality.

Valérie Russo


Valerie Russo

Administration Manager

Valérie is in charge of all the administration for UIPM, from accounting to finances and budgeting, this relating to all areas, from competitions, Congresses, EB meetings and many other events. She also takes care of logistics and liaises with Local Organizing Committees concerning UIPM travel and accommodation. Furthermore, she collects Membership fees, is responsible for the creation and distribution of all UIPM licenses and maintains the UIPM database with relevant contact details (IOC, NOC, IF, Committees Members, MP Federations…).