Foundation & Coaching Youth Development Program

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If you wish to get involved with Modern Pentathlon’s development drive, help set-up Development camps, then the UIPM Foundation provides the tools with which to do so.

UIPM will this year be:

  • Distributing low-cost equipment worldwide
  • Coaching Youth Development Program (see below)
  • Growing the number of its affiliate member nations
  • Providing development and other training camps
  • Supporting the Worldwide Coaches Conference hosted by Pentathlon GB
  • Testing Para-pentathlon
  • much more…

Please contact the UIPM Development department for further details

2014 List of Development & Training camps

Coaching Youth Development Program (CYDP)

Coaching Youth Development Program Presentation

Project Background

The Coaching Framework Plan for Development is built around three strong axes:

  • The IMAGE 

It aims to promote modern pentathlon in all its forms while remaining true to the traditional values which forge our identity, such as solidarity, team spirit, respect, sense of community.

The DEVELOPMENT, with the intention of helping existing dormant federations and new national federations to better structure themselves and become increasingly adapt to host events and retain athletes and sport fans.

Another aspect is the development and diversification of the participation, in particular towards Modern Biathle and Modern Triathle, and to create the links necessary to a good mass participation.

The ACTIVITY, with focus on the effectiveness in practising modern pentathlon with the aim towards grass roots and top level competitions.

This effort to enforce practice of all activities at various levels and forms will include specific orientation in boosting up the mass participation also among young women and children in under developed countries which can be obtained by using as leverages events such as the mixed relay.

The IMAGE,  it is the consequence of the first two elements with the need to increase our recognition and expose the name of “Modern Pentathlon” as a true brand with key aspects such as attractiveness,  diversity and inclusion.

Project Orientation/Aim 

This project is addressed to all the members of the National Federations belonging to the UIPM which works every day to improve the conditions under which modern pentathlon is practised.

The project is a multi-layer system that integrates the role of 3 major actors within the UIPM family:

  2. COACHING INSTRUCTORS (with support of the appointed Head Coach)
  3. UIPM 

UIPM new vision has envisaged changes in specific areas such as:

  1. Up to date training methods, equipment competition organisation able to integrate smart change (eg laser shooting development)
  2. Best practice for “Modern Pentathlon combined knowledge”, that will be reflected in data collection and analysis of them by our research expert in order to develop always better and safe products on the open market
  3. Change the way Athletes, Coaches and Officials approach the disciplines and their evolution
  4. Coaching Modern Pentathlon through a specific framework designed to involve all potential parties (eg outreach programme)
  5. Define a ‘coaching development platform’ able to be the legacy of the athletes and coaches of today and capture the interest of all stakeholders, including possible future sponsors in support to this and other initiatives   

The project will cover:

  • Description of a 4-level project
  • Identification of the best practice for the online platform solution versus on-field ones
  • Theoretical and practical content of each chapter within each of the 4-level plan
  • Identification of key benchmarks for each chapter and evaluation via final exam
  • Organisational structure for delivery of the project
  • Roles and responsibilities of the project team for the 4 levels
  • Coaches Recruitment strategies and worldwide implementation
  • Budgets
  • Final Reporting 

Written as ‘UIPM Coaching and Youth Development Plan’ (CYDP)  the main deliverables of this project are:

  • 3 years detailed implementation plan – strategies with 1 year (Post 2016 Olympics) for revision
  • Coaching Certification system  and Database implementation with access to specific stakeholders part of the UIPM family
  • Identification and recruitment of CYDP attendees by each respective NFs
  • CYDP section integral to the existing UIPM website – unique access system –IT learning, conferencing, tutoring (Level 4 to Level 1 have all a on-line teaching elements)
  • UIPM Individual Coach Database System – knowledge bank with unique access system to all registered NFs and associated institutions (eg. sport schools)
  • 800 certified coaches in 4 levels worldwide in 4 years (March 2014 – October 2017) 

The Risk around this project is mainly related to 4 aspects that have been considered in order to make these events successful:

  1. Timeline – 10% tolerance defined as pre-condition
  2. Budget Control – No excess over the 15% of the budget planned for the first year with reduction of the risk for each year after over 5%
  3. Quality Control – UIPM will be evaluating the quality and results of the project on a quarterly basis
  4. Human Resources – the Human factor is the most difficult to manage and evaluate but the identified coaches can be reshuffle on completion of first pilot year