What are Whereabouts?

Whereabouts are information provided by a limited number of top elite Athletes about their location to the International Sport Federation (IF) or National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) that included them in their respective Registered Testing Pool (RTP) as part of these top elite Athletes’ Anti-Doping responsibilities.

Why are Whereabouts important for clean sport?

The Whereabouts Program prevents dopers from evading to be tested. Because Out-of-competition Doping Controls can be conducted without notice to Athletes, they are one of the most powerful means of deterrence and detection of Doping and are an important step in strengthening Athlete and public confidence in doping-free sport. Accurate Whereabouts information is crucial to ensure efficiency of the Anti-Doping programs, which are designed to protect the integrity of sport and to protect clean Athletes.

Who has to provide Whereabouts?

An Athlete identified in the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) by UIPM is required to provide accurate and current Whereabouts information via an online system called ADAMS. UIPM has established a RTP, chosen according to specific criteria, i.e. the World Ranking List, which Athletes are required to file individual Whereabouts on a quarterly basis for the entire year.