Guzauskaite and Földházi win Women’s Junior World qualification groups


22 May Guzauskaite and Földházi win Women’s Junior World qualification groups

After two days of relay competition the women’s qualification started individual events at Junior World Championships in Drzonków. Group A was won by Karolina Guzauskaite while Zsófia Földházi triumphed in group B.

Junior Worlds Women’s Finalists

Junior Worlds Women’s Qualification Group A Full results

Junior Worlds Women’s Qualification Group B Full results

Athletes from group A started the qualification with fencing. The winner was Anastasiya Spas, who won 24 out of 32 bouts. With one victory less second place was taken by Marharyta Maseikava while Ekaterina Makarova, who claimed 22 wins on pistes, was third.

In swimming the best time of 2:10,40 was achieved by Alice Fitton. The Brit was 0,61 secs faster than Min Ji Choi and 3,10 secs faster than Marie Oteiza. In the overall classification the lead was kept by Spas while Choi and Oteiza went up to second and third place respectively.

At the start of the combined event the Ukrainian had 25 seconds of advantage over the Korean and the French. Spas easily ran the distance and made a good shooting. She was leading until the last running loop, when she was caught up by Alice Fitton and Karolina Guzauskaite, starting 30 and 54 seconds behind her respectively. The Lithuanian managed to overtake Spas and win the group, the Ukrainian crossed the finish line second and Fitton was third.

Group B started their competition with swimming. The best time of 2:12,06 was achieved by Zsófia Földházi. Just behind the Hungarian the Serapinaite twins were classified – Ieva lost 2,93 secs to Földházi and Emilija was 4,16 secs slower than the winner of this discipline.

Tamara-Vega-runFencing was won by Gloria Tocchi, who beat 25 rivals. Second place with 22 victories was taken by Alexandra Savvina and in third Tamara Vega and Alexandra Bettinelli were tied – both won 21 bouts. Tocchi took the lead in the overall classification ahead of Ieva Serapinaite and Vega.

To the combined event Tocchi started 23 seconds before Serapinaite, 24 before Vega and 29 before Földházi. On the first running loop the Lithuanian lost the contact with the Mexican and Hungarian, who were chasing the leader. They caught her up on third loop and the top three was running together until the last shooting. Then Földházi gained an advantage, which she didn’t lose until the end of her run. Julie Belhamri took second place while in third the finish line was crossed by Tocchi.

It was a perfect organized competition, but it was very hard. I feel really tired, but I did all I could this day and that’s enough for the final, I hope it will be better on Saturday – told Földházi after the event.

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