Lesun claims win at World Cup Final


07 Jun Lesun claims win at World Cup Final

Aleksander Lesun won the World Cup Final competition in Sarasota. Second place was taken by Pavlo Tymoshchenko while in third came Ilia Frolov.

Men’s World Cup Final full results

Fencing was won by Aleksander Lesun who won 27 bouts. With one victory less second place was taken by his compatriot Ilia Frolov while 23 rivals were beaten by Pavlo Tymoshchenko and Woo Jin Lee.

In swimming Amro El Geziry had the best time of 1:53,26. The Egyptian was 4,36 secs faster than Jianli Guo and 4,70 secs faster than Woo Jin Lee. The Korean and the Chinese went up to second and third place respectively as the lead was kept by Lesun.

In riding only Leandro Silva achieved the maximum result of 300 points, he was however taking place in the middle of the stake and didn’t influenced the order at the top of the classification where the lead was saved by Lesun, who had two knockdowns and exceeded the time limit by five seconds. With one knockdown less the riding was finished by Yasser Hefny who went up to second place while Frolov who made a clear ride, but exceeded the time limit by 10 seconds.

To the combined event Lesun started 24 seconds before Hefny and 28 before Frolov. The Russian was shooting securely and run with ease thanks to what he kept his lead until the finish line. Behind his back there was a fight for second place. Alongside with Frolov and Hefny Pavlo Tymoshchenko took part in it. On a second running loop the Egyptian lost his chances for a podium while on the next one the Russian ran away from the Ukrainian. Tymoshchenko however came close to Frolov on a last shooting range he ‘t manage to overtake him and finish second as the Russian took third place.


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