Margaux Isaksen is World Cup Final’s star attraction

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06 Jun Margaux Isaksen is World Cup Final’s star attraction

In the United States, Modern Pentathlon does not have the recognition in deserves, even though the country has a long standing tradition in the sport, dating back to the exploits of General George S. Patton at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, before he became a World War II legend. Now with Sarasota-Bradenton and UIPM set to have a enduring relationship with the city, which will be hosting several major competitions in the next few years, one athlete has all the attributes to raise the sport’s profile in her home country, the current World No.5 and one of the biggest personalities on the tour, Margaux Isaksen.

The 22-year-old Arkansas native has already established herself as one of the top women’s pentathletes in the world following some high profile victories on the international circuit in the last couple of years and she is now set to become a household name as the star attraction of this edition of the World Cup Final.

Already a two-time Olympian, her experience will stand her in good stead in Sarasota. Having matured quickly, he has the support of her family and coach and believes she can go and do well at this World Cup Final.

There are high hopes that if she can have a real impact, that it could generate a lot of interest in both herself but most importantly the sport as a whole. Modern Pentathlon test and athletes skills as well as their mental strength and this could have a broad appeal to new generation of kids still yet to decide what sport to take up.

With Modern Pentathlon, the good thing is you have 5 sports in one.

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