Poland hold National Ranking competition & triathle in Drzonków

Poland Drzonkow

01 Apr Poland hold National Ranking competition & triathle in Drzonków

This weekend saw the Polish National Ranking Competition take place in Drzonków. It was third such an event this year in modern pentathlon and the second to hold a triathle event. The competitions were won by Remigiusz Golis and Paula Markowska in pentathlon respectively as Piotr Dziurski and Agnieszka Skowyrska took the triathle crowns.

(Words by Wojciech Nowakowski)

The men’s pentathlon competition started with swimming where the fastest was Remigiusz Golis whose the time of 1:54.38 saw him go top of the leaderboard after the first event. Second place went to Michał Gralewski who was 2.25 secs slower than Golis, while in third came Przemysław Kryczka, 8.81 secs behind Golis.

In fencing, the winner was Szymon Staśkiewicz, who won 36 out of 42 bouts, five more than Michał Radzanowski and seven more than Łukasz Olszak and Bartosz Hoffmann who were tied in third. In the overall classification the lead was kept by Golis, with Olszak second and Hoffmann third.

In riding Przemysław Kryczka was the only one who achieved the maximum result of 300 points. At the top of the classification after three events were however athletes who got 7 penalty points with Golis keeping his lead, whilst Michał Gralewski went up to second position as Krzysztof Kuruc found himself in third place.

Kryczka however achieved the best result of the combined event (11:33.45) which gave him first place in the Junior category, 4 secs ahead of Gralewski. Both however lost in the overall classification to Remigiusz Golis, who crossed the finish line six seconds before Kryczka.


The women’s competition began with fencing. The winner was Paula Markowska who won 35 out of 45 bouts. Second place with 33 victories went to Marta Kobecka, while in the third position Natalia Kożuchowska and Katarzyna Jankowska shared position after both claimed 30 wins on the pistes.

In swimming the best time (2:15.82) was achieved by Marta Makowska. Marta Kobecka was 3.77 secs slower in second while in third came Paula Markowska . In the overall classification Markowska, was ahead of Kobecka and Makowska in second and third respectively.

In the riding, two athletes, Natalia Kożuchowska and Martyna Jankowiak, achieved the maximum result of 300 points. After three events the lead was taken by Kobecka, who leapfrogged Markowska.

Paula Markowska however came back to first position after the combined event as she crossed the finish line 71 seconds before Marta Kobecka. Third place went to Marta Makowska, the best in the Youth A category, who lost 127 seconds to the winner.


In the boys’ triathle competition the winner was Piotr Dziurski, while Paweł Dąbrowski was second and Damian Kołodziej was third.

The Girls’ competition was won by Agnieszka Skowyrska, ahead of Natalia Dominiak and Patrycja Markowicz.


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