Puchkarevskiy triumphs in Junior Worlds Men’s Final


25 May Puchkarevskiy triumphs in Junior Worlds Men’s Final

Egor Puchkarevskiy won the men’s individual event at the Junior World Championships. The silver medal was won by Woongtae Jun while the bronze went to the winner’s teammate Oleg Naumov.

Junior Worlds Men’s Final results

In fencing Egor Puchkarevskiy won with the result of 25 bouts won. Second Fabian Liebig claimed one victory less while third Dmitry Suslov lost two bouts more than his compatriot.

At the swimming pool the fastest time, made by Joseph Evans, was 1:58,34. The Brit was 1,23 secs faster than Gauthier Romani and 1,41 secs faster than Puchkarevskiy, who kept the lead in the overall classification. Evans went up to second place while third position was taken by Jiahao Han.

In riding, as well as in relays and women’s individual event, none of the athletes achieved the 300 points. The closest to that were Amr Nazeir and Dzianis Zeliankevich, both however exceeded the time limit – the Egyptian by a second, the Belarussian by two. The lead in the overall classification was kept by Puchkarevskiy while Han went up to second place and Kirill Kasyanik to third.


At the start of the combined event Puchkarevskiy had 23 seconds of advantage over Han and 36 over Kasyanik. The Russian was shooting and running easily and he didn’t give his lead away until the finish line.

Last year I won Junior European Championships and now I am a Junior World Champion. I am very happy, because all five disciplines were very good – best fencing, not bad swimming, only two knockdowns in horse riding and now I’m crying a happy tears – said Puchkarevskiy after the competition.kombajn180354

Behind the backs of the Russian there was a fight for completing the podium. Firstly it was lead by Han, but the Chinese was losing his strength and on the third running loop Woongtae Jun overtook him. After the last shooting Han was already fourth as Oleg Naumov went up to third. In this order the athletes came to the finish line, although the Korean was finishing very well and almost caught Puchkarevskiy up.


The team classification was won by Koreans Woongtae Jun, Jihun Lee and Mingyu Choi, the silver medal went to Jiahao Han, Linbin Zhang and Shuhuan Li of China and the podium was completed by Belarussians Kirill Kasyanik, Dzianis Zeliankevich and Ilya Palazkov.

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