Committees and Commissions

UIPM has a total of 7 Committees and 4 Commissions all working closely with the Executive Board and Headquarters

Athletes’ Committee

Chairperson: Mr Dmytro Kirpulyanskyy (UKR)
Members: Mr Sebastien Dietz (GER)
Mr Omar El Geziry (EGY)
Mr Andrei Moiseev (RUS)
Miss Adrienn Toth (HUN)

Overview: The Athlete’s Committee develops the relationship and maintains the communication with the athletes and represents their interests on the Executive Board. The Athletes Committee is constantly aware of decisions and guidelines given by the Executive Board and the UIPM Committee’s (in particular Technical, Business Affairs, Medical and Marketing and Media) in order to inform the athletes of changes and proposals taken into consideration. Athletes meetings are scheduled during the main competitions (World Championships, World Cup Final) to discuss issues needing to be brought to the attention of the Executive Board. The Athlete’s Committee is also involved in managing the distribution of equipment provided by UIPM Sponsors.

Technical Committee

Chairperson: Mr Janusz Peciak (USA)
Secretary: Mr José Maria Paula Santos (POR)
Members: Mr Marcelo Gonçales (BRA)
Dr Walid Sayed (EGY)
Mrs Corine Bouzou (FRA)
Mr Endre Kovats Bonamie (ESP)
Mr Pedro Petrushinski (GER)
Mr Carlo Passiatore (ITA)
Mr Dong-Kook Chung (KOR)
Mr Dmitry Menshikov (RUS)
Dr Vladimir Miller (SVK)

Overview: The Technical Committee is comprised of members who have had extensive experience as international judges in all five disciplines of modern pentathlon or who have had high level experience in administration of the sport. The 10 member committee is chaired by the Sport Director who is an Executive Board member. The Committee overseas all the rules governing the sport and makes recommendations for changes to the rules, competition format and technical requirements to the Executive Board. The Committee appoints 2 members to attend each of the Category A competitions and other high level competitions to ensure that the competitions are conducted according to the rules and regulations.

Business Affairs Committee

Chairperson: Mr Vjacheslav Aminov (RUS)
Members: Mr Martin Dawe (GBR)
Mr Andrejus Zadneprovskis (LTU)
Mr Andrey Kuzmanov (BUL)
Mr Horacio De La Vega (MEX)
Mr Roman Markowski (POL)
Mr Robert Stull (USA)

Overview: The Business Affairs Committee (BAC) is comprised of the Finance, Marketing and Media Commissions. The BAC duties are to provide the UIPM Executive Board with proposals regarding the financial, marketing and media issues, and undertake projects related to financial, marketing and media issues as requested by the UIPM Executive Board. Some of the specific UIPM projects that the BAC oversees include the monthly UIPM newsletter, the bi-annual UIPM magazine, relationships with UIPM Sponsors, and the UIPM website. The BAC also seeks out new sources of financial support for UIPM.

Coaches Committee

Chairpersons: Mr Samy Awad (EGY) & Mrs Kim Raisner (GER)
Members: Mr Gianfranco Cardelli (ITA)
Mr Alexei Khaplanov (RUS)
Mr Istvan Nemeth (GBR)

Overview: The Coaches Committee develops the relationship and maintains the communication with the coaches and represents their interests on the Executive Board. The Coaches Committee is constantly aware of decisions and guidelines given by the Executive Board and the UIPM Committee’s (in particular Technical, Business Affairs, Medical and Marketing and Media) in order to inform the coaches of changes and proposals taken into consideration.

TUE Committee

Chairperson: Prof Fabio Pigozzi (ITA)
Members: Prof. Joseph Cummiskey (IRL)
Prof. Alessia Di Gianfrancesco (ITA)
Prof. Paolo Borrione (ITA)

Overview: If an athlete, to treat a pathological condition, requires a medication falling under the Prohibited List, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) may give that athlete the authorization to take the medicament he needs. Any decision regarding the grant, withdrawal, denial and recognition of TUE’s are taken by the UIPM Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee (TUEC). The TUEC is composed by at least 3 physicians with experience in the care and treatment of athletes and a recognized knowledge of clinical, sports and exercise medicine. The TUEC may seek whatever medical or scientific expertise it deems appropriate in reviewing the circumstances of any application for a TUE. A Therapeutic Use Exemption will be granted only in strict accordance with the following criteria:

  1. The athlete should submit an application for a TUE on a form provided by the UIPM.
  2. The athlete would experience a significant impairment to health if the Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method were to be withheld in the course of treating an acute or chronic medical condition.
  3. The therapeutic use of the Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method would produce no additional enhancement of performance other than that which might be anticipated by a return to a state of normal health following the treatment of a legitimate medical condition.
  4. There would be no reasonable therapeutic alternative to the Use of the otherwise Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method.

Medical Committee

Chairperson: Prof Fabio Pigozzi (ITA)
Members: Dr Natalia Ofitserova (BLR)
Mr Marco Michelucci (BRA)
Dr Atanas Andreev (BUL)

Overview: The Medical Committee is aimed at promoting the management of all sports medicine aspects of Modern Pentathlon. Specifically with regard to the application of UIPM Medical Rules at UIPM competitions, with special emphasis on:

1. Prevention of any illness and injury

2. Medical assistance in competition, with special attention to environmental conditions influencing the athletes’ health and safety

3. Nutritional care in sports events

4. Veterinarian care of horses 

In addition the committee strives to support the scientific and medical in-depth investigation of biological, and physiological topics related to Modern Pentathlon. For the prevention and education of sports participants, the committee further works to improve the study of problems connected to the phenomenon of doping, and provides supervision and management of doping controls in and out-of-competition, with and without the assistance of WADA.

Masters Committee

Chairperson: Mrs. Heidi Walli (FIN)
Members: Erik Pock (DEN)
Sandor Koeris (GER)
Peter Engerisser (GER)
Rudiger Tesar (AUT)

Overview: The Masters Committee represents the modern pentathlon masters brotherhood and keeps alive the natural link between former modern pentathletes of all ages over 3o to support the bonding principles among them worldwide.

The strong relationship and communication among pairs is also taken into account by its Elected Members and they represent the interests of UIPM Executive Board within the masters community.

The Masters Committee is constantly working in conjunction with UIPM HQ to spread their baseline and make more former modern pentathletes aware of competitions and international initiative dedicated to the world of masters.

Any decision taken by the Masters Committee is annually reported to the the Executive Board and the UIPM Committee’s at large in order to perform internal auditing and also contribute to the legacy of our sport.

The actual Masters Committee has been elected since 2012 and 2 additional pro-tempore members have been also appointed until 2016 to counter propose to UIPM newly amended initiatives that could widen the masters brotherhood and make our entire movement better known with the goal of becoming fully integrated with the international masters movement by 2024.

Sports for All Commission

Chairperson: Dr. Klaus Schormann (GER)
Members: Ms Kitty Chiller (AUS) – President AUS MP (representing Asia and Oceania, EB member of NOC of Australia)
Ms Angela Ives (CAN) – former President MP CAN (representing NORCECA and South America)
Mr Viacheslav Malishev (GEO) – MP Georgian President (representing Europe)
Ms Fridah B.M. Shiroya (KEN) – President MP KEN (representing Africa, EB Member of NOC of Kenya)

Overview: The Sport for All Commission mission is to undertake direct action to promote the Modern Pentathlon Sport Development programmes through of its basic disciplines such as World School Biathlon, Modern Biathle (run/swim) and Modern Triathle (shoot/swim/run). Furthermore, the mission is to pro- vide affordable equipment and establish new standards with coaches and former athletes recruited to contribute to the fu- ture growth of the sport worldwide. Made up of independent people, representing various regions, The Sport for All Commission is responsible for implementing UIPM Development plans in the most consistent and fair way.

Financial Commission

Chairperson: Dr. Klaus Schormann (GER)
Secretary: Mrs Valérie Russo (FRA)
Members: Mr John V. Helmick (USA)
Mr Ivar Sisniega (MEX)
Mr Viacheslav Aminov (RUS)
Mr Gyulia Bretz (HUN)

Cultural Commission

Chairperson: Dr. Klaus Schormann (GER)
Members: Mr Terry Bunyard (GBR)
Mr Masahiro Ichikawa (JPN)
Mrs Tatiana Ardabieva (RUS)
Mrs Lori Norwood (USA)

Pierre de Coubertin Commission

Chairperson: Dr. Klaus Schormann (GER)
Members: Prof. Dr Norbert Mueller (GER)
Mr Jacques de Navacelle de Coubertin (FRA)
Mr Alain Lunzenfichter (FRA)
Mrs Maribel Luna de Sanz-Agero (GUA)