UIPM appoints ‘Sport for All’ Commission members

17 Dec UIPM appoints ‘Sport for All’ Commission members

UIPM, the International Modern Pentathlon Union, has put together a ‘Sport for All’ Commission to engage the wider sporting community in taking up the sport of Modern Pentathlon and to promote its development drive with the provision of low-cost equipment worldwide to make it more accessible to all. The Commission unites experts from each Confederation in order to bring insight into each continent.  


The vision of ‘The Sport for All Commission’ is to make Modern Pentathlon with all its disciplines (or sub-sports) more accessible to all, irrespective of gender, age or ethnic background. Additionally, the vision is also to provide a unique opportunity for growth at all socio-economic levels and most importantly to embrace the diversity and inclusiveness of the Union’s sporting Family.


‘The Sport for All Commission’ mission is to undertake direct actions in favour of the Modern Pentathlon Sport Development programs through a promotion of its basic disciplines such as World School Biathlon, Modern Biathle (run/swim) and Modern Triathle (shoot/swim/run). Furthermore, the use of low cost equipment and definition of new standards with coaches and former athletes recruited to contribute to the future growth of the sport worldwide.


Made up of independent people, representing various regions, ‘The Sport for All Commission’ role is to enhance the diffusion of the UIPM Development plans in a more consistent way.

The commission will be composed as follows:

Chairman: Dr h.c. Klaus Schormann (GER) – UIPM President


•Mrs Kitty Chiller (AUS) – President of Modern Pentathlon Australia, representing Asia and Oceania – Australian Olympic Committee Executive Board Member

•Mrs Angela Ives (CAN) – former President of the Canadian Modern Pentathlon Association – representing NORCECA and South America

•Mr Viacheslav Malishev (GEO) – Georgian Modern Pentathlon and Triathlon National Federation President, representing Europe

•Mrs Fridah B.M. Shiroya (KEN) – President of Modern Pentathlon Kenya, representing Africa,  Kenya Olympic Commmittee Executive Board Member

Commission Coordinator: Luca Baracchi (UIPM)

Duties and responsibilities of the Commission Members: 

1. Study and establish the status of the sport in their respective regions and formulate suggestions/actions that be taken into the overall Sport Development Plan by the UIPM HQ

2. Share common information that can be used as “best practices” to support the Sport Development Plan in all its forms 

3. Educate, with the support of the local confederations, the diffusion of a ‘Sport for All’ vision within each region and especially in those inactive area part of the UIPM family 

4. Coordinate, with the HQ, the accessibility to further resources in order to direct better actions and evaluate project feasibility and timelines

5. Facilitate regional institutional relations, also in the field of public and private education with the clear objective of consistently growing the mass participation 

6. Promote the organisation of events such as World School Biathlon, Modern Biathle and Modern Triathle that can enhance the visibility of UIPM in each single region

The UIPM Executive Board has approved the composition of the ‘Sport for All’ commission and agreed on its vision, mission and responsibilities/duties.

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