UIPM low-cost equipment providers

The list of official UIPM low-cost equipment providers can be found here

Guidelines Homologation Criteria

EKO AIMS, FinlandEKOAims pistol

Homologated and tested their JLP 2013 pistol for all CAT A events:

  • The pistols are mainly for Youth B and A, considering the weight of the equipment
  • 100% Made in Finland, with the internal laser class 2 system embed the UIPM code 2013 (see picture)
  • Many part of the laser shooting pistol are adjustable, using specific tools provided by the company within its case
  • Adaptor and a USB cable are provided in order to set up your laser pistol via a software that can be easily downloaded in various language from the company website HERE
  • The pistol is able to be recognised by all Hit targets homologated, including Simpower and Apeom with the UIPM embedded code 2013
  • There are two available pistols: The PP500 and the PP300

SIMPOWER, France SimPower

SIMPOWER has been selected by OMEGA to be Olympics games 2012 and 2014 provider and by UIPM for Level A events concerning Precision Laser targets. The company also adress the low cost market by providing a Hit target and a real Hit&Miss target.

All targets are compact design (22mm depth), high visibility, very easy to handle anywhere, able to provide data stream, remotely upgradable, coming with multi plugs adapters.

Some unic features (only on Simpower products) are :

  • Aluminium body making the target the most resistant one,
  • ISSF compliant design, making it the only target with real shooting professional design
  • universal compatibility, accepting APEOM, EKO AIMS and also IQ containers/pistols

Life time free firmware update, being the only company providing the update to future changes in UIPM rules free of charge

MANUAL: HIT target

APEOM/PENTASHOT, Czech RepublicAPEOM pistols2

Satisfied the UIPM homologation standards through the low cost model Pioneer 2013 laser gun that is considerably easy to handle for all age groups:

  • The laser class 2 shooting system makes the Pioneer 2013 the best low cost solution for all Youth F to C categories with a very simple loading systems for both hands.
  • The weight of the pistols respect the UIPM standard but differ from the EKO AIMS one because the aiming system and the trigger sensibility makes it specifically targeted for kids and very young athletes to try laser shooting for the first time
  • The Pistol is compatible with both its own targets and those provided by SIMPOWER
  • More information and standard manuals in various language can be also found HERE
  • Cannot be used for elite level A conpetitions

MANUAL: Low-cost PIONEER English – Francais – Espanol


The company approaches also the target market in proposing a very clean square-shaped target that corresponds to the HIT TARGET needs of UIPM in providing a very light system, easy to handle and to hang on all surfaces having at its back to support spaces to make it easy and portable for general training whenever is needed. It is the perfect solution for a quick start and it supports all equipment in its low cost category such as EKO AIMS JLP 2013

MANUAL: Low-cost HIT Target EN – FRA – ESP